Joes Hopper Fly


Joes Hopper is a grasshopper representation and one terrestrial pattern that every fisherman needs in his fly box. When the hoppers hatch on land approximately mid-July to mid-September depending on the elevation we often see a feeding frenzie as the hoppers land or are blown by wind into the water. Half a dozen will help you be prepared whenever you are on the stream and discover that hopper time has arrived.


There are many grasshopper representations from which to choose.  They come in many different sizes, shapes, materials, and colors.  Joes Hopper is one you won’t want to overlook because the fish do not.  This Hopper dates back to the early 40s and the combination of yellow body and red tail will give the fish something to think about as they look for lunch. Many of the new Hopper patterns bare similar characteristics.

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Fly Sizes

12, 14