Types of Guided FlyfishingTrips

Flyfishing opportunities abound in the Lake City area. Beginning flyfishers find our many small, unintimidating streams (Big Blue Creek, Henson Creek, Cebolla Creek) the perfect places to learn the basics of the sport, with an excellent chance of success. Most experienced flyfishers take on the challenges of large browns and rainbow in bigger waters like the Lake Fork, Gunnison and Rio Grande. Wherever you fish here, the waters of the Lake City area will entice you to return year after year.

Lake City Angling Services, through Dan’s Fly Shop, can help make your flyfishing experience in the San Juans the best it can be. In order to maximize personal attention, we limit parties to two persons per guide unless arranged otherwise. Trips are available from March through October. Scheduling is flexible, but for July and August trips, we suggest that reservations be made 4 to 8 weeks in advance.

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Following are the five basic types of fly fishing trips that Lake Fork Angling service offers. All are full-day trips on a stream in the Lake City area.


Skill Level 1


Don’t be frustrated trying to learn how to flyfish by trial and error. Get started on the right foot with Dan’s beginning Flyfishing Courses! All you need to know to have fun right from the start – a complete full day course covering tackle, basic casting, fishing the dry fly, entomology, reading the water, hooking and playing trout. Emphasis on instruction with fishing under the guidance of an experienced guide.

Skill Level 2

trips intermediate

Polish those fishing skills! If you feel good about the basics of flyfishing, you’re ready to move on to the next skill level. The intermediate trip is designed to refresh your basic skills and to help you achieve a higher level of proficiency. Instruction can be customized to your needs, but usually includes basic casting refresher plus roll cast, line mending technique, “fishing the clock,” lengthening your cast and a short introductions to nymphing, including the dry dropper technique. Equal emphasis on instruction and fishing.

Nymph Fishing
Skill Level 3


Go down deep for the big ones! As a rule, skilled nymph fishermen catch more and larger trout, and can fish for a longer season than with dry flies. Learn about tackle, selecting appropriate weights, casting with weights, using strike indicators, and reading the water. This course is for those already competent casting a dry fly. Equal emphasis on instruction and fishing.

Wild Trout
Guided Trips
Skill Levels 2 & 3


Experience some of the finest fly fishing in the San Juan on a full day wild trout expedition. You will have plenty of opportunities to catch a stream bred trout in some of the finest scenery in Colorado. Wild trout trips are for those of intermediate abilities, and can be on either smaller streams or larger rivers, as you desire. Emphasis on fishing, little instruction.

Quality Water
Guided Trips

Skill Levels 2 & 3


Flyfish the best of the best that Lake Fork Angling Services offers. A Quality Water trip offers catch and release fishing generally on private water (over 100 miles of streams), for better-than-average trout. This will be a trip you’ll long remember! Quality water trips are for flyfishermen of intermediate to advanced abilities. Emphasis on fishing, little instruction.


Enjoy Lake Boat Fishing on Lake San Cristobal (Lake City), Blue Mesa (Gunnison) and surrounding lakes and streams with Alpine Outfitters.  Give them a call or see their website to arrange a trip.

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