Foam Wing Caddis Fly


The Foam Wing Caddis is a colorful attractor fly, high ride on the water, and easy to keep in sight as the water carries it over the fishes hiding spot. It is designed to attract the fishes attention and has meet the most extreme expectation in that regard.  It is a dry-fly-must especially for smaller streams. We suggest this fly be used as a size 12. The $12.00 price is for six same size flies.


The Foam Wing Caddis Fly is a fairly new innovation.  The red ribbon body, red and yellow foam topped with bleached dear hair wing, and the brown hackle front make a dynamite fish catcher.  These are an artificial material representation of the Caddis Fly.  They are great floaters, easy to see on the water, and are great attractors in color and style. This Caddis is most representative in a size 12 and is offered as such.