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July 2019

Hidden Treasure Dam on Henson Creek after the top was removed.

Hidden Treasure Dam on Henson Creek after the top was removed.

Flowers are blooming, the sky is blue – sometimes, and we are actually having warm days. Fishermen are arriving and seeking the best place to cast a line. We will all be back to normal in no time and forget the serious warnings of this very unusual winter.

After much national news about the imminent threat of flooding in Lake City, we are happy to say that we are quit dry and safe. Much work was done to prevent local damage in case Henson Creek over-flowed its banks. The very old Hidden Treasure Dam- already partly washed out at the bottom- had a large section removed from the top rendering it less capable of holding debris and damming up the  river. What a project! and the old structure still looks pretty sturdy and unmoved.



Current Fishing and Weather Conditions

Spring has come and gone and we weren’t sure when, but all of a sudden it seems like summer.


Fishing prospects looking up!

Many who have delayed visits to Lake City are looking hopefully at weather reports and getting gear in order.  Water levels are dropping and higher elevation streams are clearing and becoming accessible. Wading the Lake Fork and Henson is not advised (or even possible) but some are beginning to find pools where fish are congregating. Fly casting lessons are progressing as scheduled and are a great way to launch your fishing endeavors.  Come join us.

Casting lessons progressing as scheduled.

Casting lessons progressing as scheduled.

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