BOB is BACK and guiding!!!

Guide Bob Borsh

Bob is back guiding and, as usual, being successful in finding the fish.

Bob is back after several years of being missed on the stream helping folks find the fish. Check the “‘guide” page for an update on what Bob is doing when not in Lake City, and any of you who fished with Bob will know that you want to get reconnected and schedule a day  with Bob on the stream. If you haven’t had that experience, you will want to add that to your trip plan and give us a call to schedule a day



Current Fishing and Weather Condition


Fishing has been very good as well as catching.  The Lake Fork was dropping in levels but after a day of rain is registering around 250 scf.  So far the rain has not interfered with successful fishing and most of us welcome rain as it continues to keep the water levels up, not to mention to cool the temperatures which have been higher than would commonly be in Lake City. Over cast skies are benefical to the fisherman as trout do not like the glaring sun. So all in all, this is a good time to head to the stream.





Becky-SpurlockGreat Summer Fishing

Becky Spurlock was in great form in early July.  Even wih water a little on the high side, she managed moments and days of finding, catching, and releasing some real beauties. Nothing like a summer day on a Rocky Mountian stream!

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