It doesn’t get much better than this!

Big Bucks getting ready for winter

Days are already getting shorter (where does the time go?) The big bucks are on the move eating leaves right off the trees, lazing in the sun, and mostly consuming the just -getting -bright -and -beautiful plants all over town, including the dianthus which they supposedly do not like. Oh, well,  we must all get ready for winter.


Current Fishing and Weather Conditions


In dry fly fishing, the take of the fly is seen, not felt. Thus watching the fly is imperative, so follow these suggestions to keep the fly visible to you.  !. wear polarized sunglasses.  2.  use flies with white or light colored wings 3. position yourself with the sun behind you 4. watch for the fly as it falls to the water.  Keep your eye on the fly.  One note: there are light conditions in which are dark fly may be more visible.


Katy’s Brookie

Great Summer Fishing

Caught on Big Blue Creek on one of Dan’s Humpys, the long time favorite fly for the little meandering stream that we call “Big Blue”. Caught by Katy Setzer.

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