Cutthroat with Humpy

Mark Gaskamp’s high mountain lake cutthroat

Summer advancing into Fall

What a summer it has been so far.  After a late winter and early spring such as we have never experienced before, everyone was ready for a change of scenery and many sought that change in Colorado and Lake City in particular. Everyone has been happy to be outside on the stream or on a mountian top, and visitors have done their part to keep Lake City well and open and deserve our hearfelt thanks. Mark Gaskamp put much extra effort into his fishing by hiking to a high mountian lake and was rewarded by the catch of this beautiful cutthroat – outstanding color and size.  He rose to Dan’s Humpy – still in his mouth before a succesful release to swim for another day. Great photo, Mark. 

Current Fishing and Weather Condition

It has been a good summer for fishing, hiking, and just being out of doors.  But it has been a dry summer and that is beginning to tell on the streams and rivers.  The DOW is requesting that fishermen limit time on the Lake Fork to morning hours and to be aware of water temperatures on all streams.  Best fishing and safest for the fish ocurrs when water tempeature are between 52 and 58 degrees.  So we suggest that you start early in the day and find another activity to enjoy in the afternoon.





Great Summer Fishing

Kristi Jenkins found the spot in Henson Creek with this beautiful lively Brookie just waiting for her to offer a tempting morsel which he was ready to snatch and make a first catch a smling matter. Nice work, Kristi!

Kristi Jenkins with her best catch.

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