Lake Fork 2020

The Lake Fork is open and flowing freely.

Summer Around the Corner

The Lake Fork is flowing freely and is an invitation to sight seers and fishermen alike.  No CV-19 here and distancing is so easy.  We are beginning to plan to make it possible for others to enjoy this peace and beauty.  We all know that the virus is not going to suddenly vanish from the earth so for everyones health and safety we are getting things in place to protect and provide at the same time – masks and gloves for staff and disinfectant and extra space for all. Come prepared for entry in the retail businesses which as of right now require masks and gloves for entry. We will offer “curb side” or “porch front” delivery as needed. Our guides have suggested that for this summer it would be in everyones best interest for trip clients to provide their own transportation when ever possible. We all anxiously await the wise opening of all areas of the country.  Stay tuned for futher local information.

Current Fishing and Weather Condition

We are looking at a week of sunny skies and warmer days – great for hiking, sight seeing, biking or fishing  and especially  good for yard work since that is very easy to  do in isolation.  The Lake Fork stream flow reigistered 164 CFS on April 29 up from just s few days ago and with the warmer weather we expect it to to rise daily to reach a normal spring runn-off.





The Good News – 2020

A year ago Lake City was surrounded with sand bags and new dirt and rock berms and was over-run with avalanche speciallists and flood advisors.  Happily this spring finds us with normal water levels, no new avalances, and hope of a normal fishing season.  Now if we can get past the threat of virus invasion we may look forward to a happy retreat to stream and mountain. 

Fishing the Lake Fork

On days like this, the call of the stream is too much to resist.



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