Father and Son

Father and Son

    It doesn’t get much better than this!


Father and son, Scott and Luke, on Cebolla with guide Bob and a beautiful day.

Things have cooled down here temperature wise as we get afternoon showers, but the fishing remains excellent and the cool evenings are a welcome relief to every one.  An occasional mud slide is causing some water discoloration and disrupted road passage so choice of stream is often dictated by stream condition and plans need to remain flexible.



Current Fishing and Weather Condition

When trout are actively rising to insects on the water, it can be one of the most exciting and confusing times on the stream. At such times, fish may become picky as to what they eat.  Pay close attention to the size, color, and type of insect on the water (in that order of priority) and dig through you box to find a fly that matches the closest.  It helps to be proficient at tying knots, because you may have to change flies several times before you find the magic fly of the moment.  Come by the shop for recommendations of flies that are working best this week and book a guided trip!





Katy’s Brookie

“”Great Summer Fishing

Caught on Big Blue Creek on one of Dan’s Humpys, the long time favorite fly for the little meandering stream that we call “Big Blue”. Caught by Katy Setzer.

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