Happy Spring in the Rockies

What a year!  We started winter with such a collection of snow that we were asking where we would put it all.  There are still large snow banks slowly melting from those first two big snows and very little else has fallen since.  Even mud season has almost come to an end. With everyone in isolation, Lake City looks like it did in i950 – very very quiet. The deer are oblivious to mud, viruses, and all else except that at last they can find bare ground upon which feed and sleep. Summer and warmer weather are coming and with it, we hope, the end of coronavirus.  Stay well and let us all plan for a happy healthy summer and time in Lake City.


Deer in Spring 2020

Current Fishing and Weather Conditions

Ice fishermen (and women) have put away huts, short rods, and thermal underwear for another year.  There is still ice on lakes and ponds but it is thinning visibly. Streams are thawing in the center with icy banks and very cold water. A few are making early trips to the stream but the general feeling is that the water is still too cold on most days to wake up the fish. But this like all else will change – Summer is coming.

School is out for now. 

School is on temporary recess, as in most places, until at least the middle of April.  The children are learning at home.  Kudos to teachers who have delivered work to homes for this interim time.  Good luck moms and dads as you take up the roll. Lets hope that all will come back to normal soon.

Rod winner

Schools out – temporarily



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