Irresistible Wulff


Hank Robert’s, the well known fisherman and fly tier,  first created the Irresistible Fly in the late 1950s. This fly made with all natural materials is a favorite during any Caddis hatch and a must-have in any serious fisherman’s fly box. Our favorite and most used size is a 14.  We offer six in a group of size fourteen.  This will just get you started.


The original Irresistible Fly originated in the late 1950s by Hank Roberts was constructed with split Plymouth Rock hackle points and was a winner from the start.  The newer version has a double calf hair wing making it even a better floater and highly visible in the water. The gray clipped deer hair body helps keep the fly riding high on the water and make it resemble the Caddis Fly which is widely found in location and hatch mid-July to mid-September.