Royal Wulff Fly


From our ancestors “across the pond” came the art of fly fishing and the Royal Coachman Fly – now revised to the Royal Wulff. Those English fishermen have given us the best of sports and one of the best of the tools for the sport – a fly to be depended upon in this great attractor fly.  The best all around size for a good representation of this fly is size 14 which we offer in a set of 6 for $12.00.


The Royal Coachman Fly is an icon for the whole dry fly fishing world. The original fly had the alluring red body and white duck wings as carried over from the royalty of England. The Wulff version retains the red body with peacock front and back, and sports the split calf tail wing letting it ride high on the water and making it visible to the fisherman.  Many an old timer would not have even considered a trip to the water without a good supply of Royal Coachman – now the Royal Wulff – in possession.