Elk Hair Caddis Fly


Since the Elk Hair Caddis was originated in mid-60s in Montana it has become a top fly choice for dry fly fishermen. It was kept a secret for a time but was too effective to remain secret for long. The natural material, excellant floating quality, and extremely fine representation of the real fly has kept it a top-of-the list choice when stocking the fly box. One fly will never do when on the stream so we offer the Elk Hair Caddis in a set of six of one size for $12.00.



The Elk Hair Caddis is exactly what its name indicates. The bleached elk hair wing on top of the dubbed olive or tan body wrapped with brown hackle is a life-like representation of the Caddis Fly which hatches mid-July through mid-September in a wide span of locations across the Rocky Mountains. It is an exceptional floater and a perfect dry-with-a-dropper.

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Fly Sizes

14, 16


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