Sage Mod Fly Rod Green


The beautiful green Mod rod blank is created by Sage and is finished to perfection in Dan’s own workshop with up-locking reel seat and comes in a baffled rod case to hold both the rod and reel. This is a 9 foot rod designed for a broad range of fishing situations and for the discerning and particular fisherman.

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You will never confuse this beautiful jade green rod with any other rod on your rack. Designed on Bainbridge Island and skillfully custom handcrafted by Dan in Lake City, CO this rod features all the lightweight, strength, responsiveness, and accuracy benefits of Sage’s proprietary Konnetic Technology.  The Mod is optimized for the distances and scenarios most often encountered by the trout angler. It is the modern interpretation of a moderate action specific for trout fishing and for delivering a delicate presentation with pin-point accuracy.  The rod is a 9 foot length with a choice of 4, 5, or 6 weight so you can choose the line weight that best suits your anticipated fishing experiences. Dan will be glad to help you match a complimentary reel and set it up with a matching line.




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Fly Rod Lengths

9 foot 4 wt., 9 foot 5 wt., 9 foot 6 wt.