Avenue of Golden Cottonwods

Avenue of Golden Cottonwoods

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Fall or Winter?? You decide. Columbus Day dawned with clouds hanging low on all surrounding mountains. As the day progressed snow began to fall depositing different levels depending on the location in the valley. Frequent breezes brought golden cottonwood leaves swirling amongst the snowflakes in what a very young Tell Stephens once exclaimed, “A blizzard of leaves!” After a summer of being much out of sight, a large number of hungry bears have invaded the town – getting ready for perhaps a very long and cold winter. Maybe they know something we do not.

Current Fishing and Weather Conditions

The fishermen who are still at it are concentrating on the Lake Fork.  It seems that unusually large numbers of Salmon are moving up stream in large schools. The Browns are there too but not as evident presumably because the water has been quite cool.  There are still a couple of weeks during which a couple of hours in the afternoon of a sunny day may produce some activity.

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